Social Science

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Western Civilization – Year Course – 1.0 credit – 9-10 grades*Required for Graduation

Western Civilization is the story of the human community – how people lived on a daily basis, how they shared ideas, how they ruled and were ruled, and how they fought. The course will focus on the ideas of continuity and change throughout human history and prehistory.

Consumer Economics – Semester Class - .50 credit*Required for Graduation

Consumer Education presents the basic essentials of economic principles designed to help the student take on the responsibilities of adult life. Specific objectives are to develop financial literacy through the concepts of decision-making, identity protection, student loans, checking, credit, investing, budgeting, insurance, taxes, and the economic principles essential for participation as a citizen, taxpayer and voter.

United States History – Year Course – 1.0 credit – 11th grade*Required for Graduation

This course covers the historical development of the culture and government of the United States. Some geography and a continuing discussion of current events will be included. Emphasis will be placed on people and events that helped shape the 20th Century. This class meets the state guidelines for a writing class.

 Civics – Semester Course - .50 credit - 12th grade – *Required for Graduation

This course is an introduction to American government with emphasis on the legislative, executive and judicial branches of our federal government. Other topics discussed will be civil rights and civil liberties. Students must pass an examination over the US and Illinois Constitution and Flag Etiquette. A continuing discussion of current events will be included.

Advanced U.S. History – Semester Course - .50 credit – 12th grade

This is a research and project based course. Special emphasis is given to contemporary historical topics. Major projects include a research paper and a “teacher for a day” opportunity. Local and family history may also be examined. Analyzing and writing on historical topics will be mandatory.

Psychology – Semester Course - .50 credit – 11-12 grades

This is a course covering the basic concepts of psychology, its terms, and contributors. The fundamental elements of normal human behavior and personality are covered. A highly suggested course for college bound students.

Sociology – Semester Course - .50 credit – 11-12 grades

Sociology is the study of the patterns of human life groups. Topics include types of societies; marriage and family; minority relations; and deviant behavior; and more. The class is discussion oriented. Projects included are surveys in teams, team presentations, and short papers. This is suggested course for college bound students.

Introduction To Criminal Justice – Semester Course - .50 credit – 11-12 grades

This course is a study of criminal law and civil law. Topics include; rights of the accused, arrest procedures, court procedures, punishment, consumer law, and family law. The class participates in mock trials and a field trip to the County Jail.

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American Issues – Semester Course - .50 credit – 11-12 grades

American Issues encompasses not only current problems in our nation but also how our nation relates to world issues. A current magazine, such as Newsweek, will be a resource for this course. This class includes in depth research in a topic of your choice presented in a research paper as well as a presentation.

Economics – Semester Course - .50 credit – 11-12 grades

This class is an introduction to Economics including supply and demand, the American business structure, how output and profits are determined, gross national product, money and banking, and advanced personal economics. This is a suggested course for college bound students but should not be overlooked by anyone wishing to learn more about the handling and investing of money.

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