UJHS Inclement Weather/Snow Day Plan

In November 2020, the Unit Seven Board of Education approved a blended eLearning plan to be used on days when physical attendance in the building is called off by Superintendent Larson due to a weather related event. Here is how the inclement weather/snow day plan will work at UJHS. UJHS will use a 11:30 bell schedule for 1-7 periods. There will be a break for students and teachers from 11:30-12:30. Teachers will be available through email and/or Google Classroom to assist or respond to student questions from 1:00-3:00pm.

Student expectations:

If advance notice is available, students will take the needed materials home the day before.

Students will follow their daily schedule from 8:20-11:30am in the Google Classroom.

Students should make every effort to contact their teacher by email during their scheduled class if they have questions about an assignment, access, etc.

Students are expected to attend any Google Meets assigned by their teachers.

Students will communicate with each teacher either through submitted work or teacher email contact by 3:00PM.

Teacher expectations:

Teachers will assign activities that are timely and relevant to content area curriculum.

Teachers will provide meaningful engagement through review, extended practice, project completion, etc.

Teachers will support student success by being available throughout each class period to interact with students who need feedback and/or require assistance from 8:20AM-3:00PM.

Parent expectations:

UJHS will send an email to parents as a reminder to return an email to the UJHS office if their student is sick or cannot participate in school. Please email Mrs. Moore at moorek@unity.k12.il.us or leave a message at 217-485-6735.

Please encourage your student to follow the daily schedule and fully participate to the greatest extent possible.

Administrative expectations:

Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mr. Hamilton will be available from 8:00-3:00 to communicate with and to support all students, faculty, and staff in a successful eLearning experience.

UJHS Inclement Weather Schedule:

11:30 Bell Schedule

8:20 – 8:44 am 1st Hour

8:48 – 9:11 am 2nd Hour

9:15 – 9:39 am 3rd Hour

9:43 – 10:06 am 4th Hour

10:10 – 10:34 am 5th Hour

10:38 – 11:02 am 6th Hour

11:06 – 11:30 am 7th Hour

11:30-12:30 Break

12:30-3:00 Teachers available to work with students through the Google Classroom