Just sending out a HUGE THANK YOU to the volunteers that we had step up and help out on Saturday, at the Jr High State Basketball Concessions. It was a 13 hour day, but with an awesome group, it went smoothly! We received many compliments from visitors and coaches.

We are so fortunate to have facilities that can accommodate these tournaments! We are fortunate that we have an administration that sees the importance of hosting and doing an excellent job in making everyone feel welcome. Most of all, we have great volunteers! THANK YOU to Liz Roberts who is always there to help and make sure the kitchen is AMAZING!

We are always looking for more volunteers to help. The funds raised through concessions is what keeps Boosters alive. Unity Athletic Boosters has given over $125,000 in the last 10 years to our student athletes. It is VITAL that our volunteer base grows, as it can be taxing on the few that are always the ones to step in and help out. Please pass on to friends and parents that volunteers are always welcome!!!

Requests granted since August 2016- $20,231

Football Helmets-$1500
Patches-XC, Football, Softball, Dance & Track $5,600
Softball Dugout Painting-$1,000
Dance Team Porkchop Donation-$300
Volleyball-Video Camera and equipment-$1,400
Boys Basketball-Camera (1/2)-$281
Football-Camera (1/2)-$250

2007-2015-Breakdown of what Programs have received:
Pep Club $500
Girls Basketball $667
Soccer $3,011
Boys Basketball $9,032
Baseball $9,052
Softball $12,997
Football $9,670
Patches-$27,494 (This includes all Sports/Dance Teams)

UAB established a Scholarship last year and awarded 1-Senior Boy and 1-Senior Girl each $500