Unit Seven Schools has made the decision to offer in-person parent-teacher conferences this year. Parent-teacher conference night is October 22, 2021, from 3:00-9:30 pm. 

Signup is online at ujhs.com. Click on Parent Resources and then click on Parent-Teacher Conferences. 

Here are some recommended options for conference night that you can use to guide your decision about what your conference needs are for supporting your child.

In-person Individual Teacher Conference (Please let the teacher know if you would prefer to hold a phone conversation instead of an in-person conference):


1. Need for a conversation with a specific teacher.  

2. Need to problem-solve about performance or adjustment to a specific class.

3. Need to ask questions related to content or curriculum.


Team Meeting Request (Please contact a grade-level teacher to arrange this kind of meeting).


1. Parent has information to share about academic, medical, and/or social/emotional information with multiple staff.

2. Student is experiencing adjustment issues at a particular grade level.

3. Student is underperforming in all classes; a problem-solving approach is needed.



1. No need for a conference, but would like a general check-in with the teacher.

2. Opportunity to provide information that doesn’t require a conversation.


Opt-out of parent-teacher conference night:

1. No specific concerns or questions at this time.

2. Already in regular communication with my student’s teachers.

  Parent-teacher conference night is another opportunity to bridge the connection between home and school. We look forward to seeing you on conference night. Please call the office at 217-485-6735 and ask to speak with Mrs. Moore if you have questions.