In November 2020, the Unit Seven Board of Education approved a blended eLearning plan to be used on days when physical attendance in the building is called off by Superintendent Larson due to a weather-related event. Due to the unpredictability of weather-related days, the plan will function slightly differently from the all-remote day plan.  Here is how the inclement weather/snow day plan will work at UJHS. 

Student expectations: 

  • If advance notice is available, students will take the needed materials home the day before. 
  • Students will follow their daily schedule in the Google Classroom. 
  • Students should make every effort to contact their teacher by email during their scheduled class if they have questions about an assignment, access, etc. 
  • Students are expected to attend any Google Meets assigned by their teachers.  
  • Students will communicate with each teacher either through submitted work or teacher email contact by 3:00 PM.


Teacher expectations: 

  • Teachers will assign activities that are timely and relevant to the content area curriculum. 
  • Teachers will provide meaningful engagement through review, extended practice, project completion, etc.  
  • Teachers will support student success by being available throughout each class period to interact with students who need feedback and/or require assistance from 8:20 AM-3:00 PM.


Parent expectations: 

  • UJHS will send an email to parents as a reminder to return an email to the UJHS office if their student is sick or cannot participate in school. Please email Mrs. Moore at or leave a message at 217-485-6735.
  • Please encourage your student to follow the daily schedule and fully participate to the greatest extent possible.  


Administrative expectations: 

Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mr. Hamilton will be available from 8:00-3:00 to communicate with and to support all students, faculty, and staff in a successful eLearning experience.